Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What services do you provide?


A: For all our products we provide services such as training, onsite service, repairs, calibration, installation and commissioning. For all supplied product lines we provide local engineering support to assist with equipment design/specification, system commissioning, onsite engineering services and technical training.


Q: What kind of after sales support do you provide?


A: Our after-sales support includes repairs, calibration checks and upgrades; our Bentley (Western Australia) workshop is fully equipped to handle these. We carry an extensive range of products, accessories and spares to ensure delivery and efficient turnaround for our customers. Technical advice and training are also available; we see this as vital to achieving the best possible results from our customers’ equipment and maintenance programs.


Q: How long has Aquip been operating?


A: Aquip has been operating in Australia for 25 years, with longstanding relationships with product manufacturers and our principals.


Q: Are your products reliable?


A: All of our products are carefully selected from the most experienced and developed companies. We aim to have ‘best-in-breed’ technology – we believe this suits our business model with highly-trained engineers available for service and support.


Q: Do you offer delivery services for your products?


A: We provide delivery and installation services for all of our equipment. We also offer training services with the installation of our products, to ensure your equipment functions to the highest standards.