Deal Brings Intelligent Flow Monitoring to Australian Market

Aquip Systems is pleased to announce that it has recently signed a multi-year distribution agreement with Orbis Intelligent Systems, to bring the next evolution of pipeline infrastructure monitoring in Australia.

The three-year deal will bring the Orbis Prodigy and Prodigy UltraPipe intelligent monitoring devices to the Australian market. The non-invasive Prodigy product line is easily affixed to the outside of pipes and uses the latest IoT technology to send data to infrastructure managers via cellular connections. The UltraPipe is a battery powered bolt-on device that measures the flow within existing hydrant standpipes. It has already seen great success in the UK, enabling utilities to know not only how much water is being taken from temporary standpipes, but when, where and by whom. This is critical in an industry tackling non-revenue water and working to ensure every drop of water is accounted for and billed.

Danny Krywyj, President of Orbis said, “We’re delighted to be working with Aquip Systems. As a well-established leader in the industry, there’s no better partner to bring the Prodigy line to the Australian market.”

“Smart technologies like the Prodigy are clearly the future of infrastructure management” said Jodie Draper, Managing Director of Aquip. “We’re looking forward to bringing the newest asset management technologies to our customers, enabling them to work more efficiently and enhancing their decision-making processes.”

About Orbis Intelligent Systems

Orbis Intelligent Systems, an Aquam Corporation company, provides data-driven monitoring solutions for pipeline infrastructure, including waste/drain, potable water, fire suppression, utility distribution and HVAC and mechanical pipelines. Orbis technologies empower asset owners and operators with real-time data, integrated analytics, and low-cost IoT solutions across commercial, residential, and utility applications. Visit

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