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Fluke 3563 Analysis Vibration Sensor

The next generation in wireless vibration monitoring

The Fluke 3563 by PRÜFTECHNIK combines a high-frequency piezoelectric sensor and software analytics, assisting maintenance teams to regularly monitor and analyse vibration readings for production-critical assets.

The sensor’s LIVE-Asset Portal software application allows you to determine which fault is causing a problem to an asset and the cause of the fault. The Fluke 3563 can also be implemented seamlessly into existing plant operations.

  • Important hardware features for measurement – RMS, peak-to-peak, time waveform, temperature
  • Simple dashboard – Presents the condition of assets from related devices, with summary-level data visible by location
  • Convenient – Enables continuous monitoring & vibration reading analysis
  • Intuitive analysis capabilities – From the LIVE-Asset Portal software
  • Long battery life – Via smart battery management
  • Versatile – Customisable & auto-generated thresholds based on machine type
  • Dual network capabilities – For Wi-Fi & Ethernet

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