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ALIA Non-Nuclear Density Meter

The Density Meter For Slurries

ALIA’s density meter for slurries offers accurate real-time data, allowing you to truly optimise production while eliminating the costs of special certifications and the disposal of hazardous materials.

The ALIA Density Meter is designed to support the operator to control and enhance production. It offers a quick and accurate measurement of the density of slurries and can be easily integrated with existing flow meters and control systems.

  • Quality – Simple, robust & reliable product
  • Time-saving – Easy installation with employees easily able to perform checks and repairs
  • Convenient – Immediate signal showing actual values
  • Measurement of all materials – Sand, metal & rock
  • Easily integrated – With existing systems & software
  • Simple– No training requirement
  • Compliance – With future more stringent regulations
  • Reduce challenges – When transporting nuclear sources
  • Sustainable – Regarding business management

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