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Designed for the needs of the Water Utilities sector

As FLEXIM’s basic and economic alternative, the FLUXUS 501 clamp on ultrasonic water flow meter offers the same benefits in terms of accuracy and reliability as its bigger brother, the FLUXUS F721.

The FLUXUS 501 clamp on water flow meter offers a precise bi-directional flow measurement over a wide turndown ratio. It’s matched and paired transducers offer superior zero stability providing accurate measurement of both high and low flow velocities. 

With its water-tight IP68 transducers and a permanent coupling, the FLUXUS 501 can be safely installed subsurface, providing a maintenance free solution. Suitable for applications with pipe diameters up to 2500mm, it is an accurate and cost-effective alternative to other measurement technologies, such as magnetic flow meters.

  • Clamps on to the outside of the pipe – No need to cut into the pipe to install the meter
  • Accurate bi-directional measurement – For nearly all pipe materials & liquid media
  • Virtually maintenance-free – Permanent coupling pads
  • Simple to use – The firmware is specifically adapted to the needs of the water industry
  • Highly cost-effective – For nominal pipe diameters of 10mm up to 2500mm
  • Accurate & reliable measurement – Even under difficult flow conditions
  • Quality pipeline leak detection – Accurate measurement readings
  • Convenient – Matched & paired transducers, two flow channels

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