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The ultrasonic flow meter for operation in hazardous areas

The FLUXUS F831 is FLEXIM’s dual channel ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter for bi-directional flow measurement of liquids in hazardous areas.

With explosion proof housing, intrinsically safe inputs and corrosion resistant transducers residing outside the pipe wall, the FLUXUS F831 series is perfectly suited for every demanding industrial application in and out of the oil field and the chemical industry. 

With faster processing capabilities, the meter offers significantly improved accuracy and response time between measurement channels which results in better representation of flow profile and high accuracy. In addition, the FLUXUS® F/G831 comes with carefully matched and temperature compensated transducers (fully ANSI / ASME MFC 5M compliant) providing unmatched zero-point stability and precise bi-directional flow measurement over a wide range of conditions. 

  • Matched, paired and wet – Calibrated flow transducers (traceable certification) 
  • Secure – Zero-point stability & drift-free 
  • Versatile – Wide turndown ratio 
  • Independent – Of pipe size, material, operating pressure, medium & temperature (from as low as -170 °C up to +600 °C) 
  • Convenient – Can be applied on inner pipe diameters ranging from 6 mm up to 12000mm (no limitations on pipe wall thickness or material) 
  • High tolerance – To entrained solids and gases 
  • Quality – Free of wear & tear and abrasion, not prone to clogging or corrosion 
  • No pressure loss – Or risk of potential leaks & fugitive emissions 
  • Cost effective – No pipe work or process shut-down, virtually maintenance-free 

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