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QSE Mag Flowmeters

A dependable, highly accurate electromagnetic flowmeter

The Noryl™ housing and flow tube offers a lightweight, easy-to-install Mag Meter that is resistant to heat (99°C) and compatible with many water-based liquid solutions.

In contrast with many other flowmeter technologies, magnetic flowmeter technology produces signals that are linear with flow. As such, the turndown associated with magnetic flowmeters can approach 20:1 or better without sacrificing accuracy. 

  • Cost-effective – Low investment and operating costs 
  • Reliable – 0.5% accuracy of reading (from 0.25 fps to 15 fps [0.08 to 4.6 m/s]) 
  • Versatile – Wide turndown ratio of 60:1 
  • Non-intrusive – No moving parts & low maintenance
  • Robust – Tolerates high flows without damage 
  • Slightly modified bore – Permits unobstructed flow & minimises flow disturbances 
  • Variety – Seven-line sizes (½” to 4”) ½”, ¾”, 1”, 1-½”, 2”, 3″, and 4”

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