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The portable liquids flowmeter for hazardous areas

The new FLUXUS F608 Zone 2 portable flow meter has all of the features and benefits of the F601 and has been IECEx certified for use in hazardous areas. Hot work permits are a thing of the past, with the world’s only IECEx-certified, ultrasonic, truly portable flow meter. There is no compromise when it comes to safety. 

The portable flow meter utilises carbon fiber housing, the transducers have stainless steel housing and conduit cable and are hermetically sealed. This ensures rugged protection against impacts, water ingress and oils. The F608 portable flow meter still has the same battery performance as the F601, with over 14 hours or measurement between charges.

The complete installation can take less than 5 minutes, this includes loading in all the parameters, physically installing the transducers and commencing the measurement. The F608 can handle practically any application, be it plastic pipes, exotic fluids, very small or very large pipes, you name it. With special fixtures known as Wave Injectors, the F608 portable flow meter can even measure up to 400°C! 

  • Easy to use – Simple to set up 
  • Quality – High impact carbon fibre housing 
  • Rugged – Transducer design 
  • Compact – Very lightweight 
  • Convenient – No temperature & zero drift 

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