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Non-Invasive Thermal Energy Metering

In times of rising energy prices and new government regulations, thermal energy monitoring is on the rise. From heat delivery, to real estate end users or heat transfer flows in industrial processes, controlling the ongoing measurement of thermal energy consumption is of utmost importance for cost conscious users. 

The FLUXUS F502 Permanent Thermal Energy Flowmeter allows the easy measurement of the energy flow in a system. 

This model provides a dedicated single flow channel with temperature measurements taken at both the inlet and outlet, calculating the energy flow within that system. All this is done with temperature and flow measurement devices mounted on the outside of the pipe. This makes it an ideal retrofit solution for existing buildings or as a cost-effective, highly-accurate and maintenance-free single source solution for thermal flow metering. 

  • Clamps on to the outside of the pipe – No need to cut into the pipe to install the meter
  • Efficient – Simple to use with reliable results
  • The ideal non-invasive measuring device – For complete energy efficiency tasks
  • Non-invasive measurement – For precise bi-directional thermal energy flow rates
  • Versatile – Two flow channels & wall thickness measurement
  • High-quality – Proven clamp-on technology, transducers resistant to dust & humidity
  • High zero point stability & accuracy – Even at very low flow rates
  • Ideal for inner pipe diameters – Ranging from DN6 to DN6000
  • Convenient – Matched & paired transducers, matched & paired temperature probes

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