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Permanent Ultrasonic Clamp On Energy Flowmeter

The FLUXUS F721TE is intentionally designed for heating and cooling thermal energy measurement, with all measurements including flowmeter, temperature and transmitter.

The F721TE measures the volumetric flow rate non-invasively. With temperature measurements made at the inlet and at the outlet of a system as well as accurate flow measurement, the energy flowmeter calculates the energy flow within that system. All this is done with temperature and flow measurement devices mounted on the outside of the pipe. This makes it an ideal retrofit solution for existing buildings, or as a cost-effective, highly-accurate, maintenance-free, single source solution. 

The FLUXUS F721TE Energy flowmeter will display the actual energy flow through the system, and if needed, totalise the heat flow in order to obtain the energy quantity. 

  • Reliable – Wear free measurement from outside
  • Virtually unlimited application range – Even at extreme applications (from -190 °C up to +650 °C)
  • Accurate – Precise thermal energy measurement
  • Wide dynamic range – Captures even the slightest flows at night time
  • Simple and cost-effective – Retrofitting without any disruption to supply

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