Condition Monitoring (CM) entails the observation of selected parameters such as temperature or vibration, with the aim of detecting deterioration in machinery before it reaches a critical stage – allowing preventive maintenance scheduling. Condition Monitoring reduces disruptive down time, extends machinery life, and eliminates the need for prophylactic maintenance scheduling by alerting operators to the need for maintenance only when it actually arises. Condition Monitoring is needed by all industries, which depend on continuous running of rotating and/or reciprocating machinery. Aquip distributes the PRÜFTECHNIK range of Condition Monitoring instrumentation and software – world-renowned for precision and robustness in the field.


Condition Monitoring used to be the exclusive province of the expert. Now, with PRÜFTECHNIK’s range of CM software, the health of your machinery can be monitored easily, remotely and automatically by staff with minimal training.

Portable Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring requirements vary. Some monitoring needs to be continuous, while other monitoring tasks arise ad hoc. For these troubleshooting tasks, Aquip offers PRÜFTECHNIK’s range of portable vibration detectors.


For continuous monitoring and anomaly reporting, Aquip offer PRÜFTECHNIK’s range of Online detectors. These are permanently attached to the machinery they monitor, and offer a range of connectivity options for accurate reporting, including hardwire, wireless, Bluetooth, email and SMS alerting.

Data Collection Technology

To make the task of Condition Monitoring ever easier, Aquip offers PRÜFTECHNIK’s widely acclaimed range of hand-held vibration data and signal analysis instrumentation. Teamed with PRÜFTECHNIK’s OMNITREND condition monitoring software, staying on top of the condition of your machinery has never been easier, or more accurate.