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Alignment Centre

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Alignment Centre

PRÜFTECHNIK Alignment Centre is the only choice for  Laser Alignment Software!

Alignment Center is the software program for all PRÜFTECHNIK laser alignment equipment.  It’s the perfect tool to ensure you utilise  alignment reports. The laser alignment software enables you to analyse, organise, store and archive all laser alignment data including thermal growth, alignment pre-sets and tolerances for future alignments. The laser alignment software enables you to customise a report with colour, company name, site details and plant area.


  • Provides a definitive record of ‘as found’ and ‘as left’ machine alignments
  • Allows asset owners to track short and long term issues such as thermal growth, softfoot and settling foundations
  • Allows new users to quickly identify setup and measurement mode for a particular alignment based on prior jobs in database
  • Quality data management
  • Clear, easy to use hierarchical file structure
  • Professional reporting including HTML formats
  • Generates machine-specific alignment templates that predefine all alignment configuration, tolerance and thermal growth targets prior to arriving on site


  • Rotalign Ultra iS
  • Rotalign Smart EX
  • Rotalign Pro
  • Optalign Smart
  • Optalign Plus
  • Shaftalign

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