Fire is among the most serious hazards faced by the marine and oil and gas industries. Aquip carries the world-leading Autronica range of fire safety equipment, serving the oil and gas industry as well as maritime operators the world over. A number of major fire disasters, notably the Piper Alpha rig fire in the North Sea in the 1980s led to a significant change in standards for offshore and maritime fire detection and suppression. Autronica were leading players in developing robust, dependable and integrated systems, and can now claim to be the supplier of choice for the North Sea’s oil and gas operators.

More than just a Fire Alarm

Autronica systems are far more than just fire alarms. Autronica’s innovation is responsible for creating the world’s first interactive-addressable fire and gas detection system, bringing the safety of integrated fire and gas detection to thousands of ships, platforms and rigs, both on- and offshore. Autronica’s Integrated Fire and Gas detection system (IFG) is the first integrated system in the world to be approved under Safety Integrity Level 2 (IEC 61508 SIL2).

Marine Fire Detection

Autronica Maritime delivers unprecedented levels of safety to tens of thousands of passengers and crew in thousands of vessels all over the world. Integrated with fire suppression capability, Autronica’s BS-420 amd BS-200 Fire Control Panels, coupled with their FlexiFOAM or FlexiFOG deliver all the recognised suppressants – extinguishing gases, dry powder, foam and water.

Oil and Gas Fire Detection

Autronica’s innovative philosophy and pursuit of improvement in fire and gas detection has earned it the admiration of the oil and gas industry, where Autronica Oil & Gas has become the preferred supplier of protection for life, property and the environment for their fully standards-compliant detection and suppression systems.

Fire Detectors, Smoke Detector and Manual Call Points

Autronica supplies detection modes for every circumstance, including Optical/heat, Optical/smoke, and temperature-rise technologies. All Autronica’s detectors feature self verification, and are designed to integrate with the Autronica Fire Alarm Control Panels, which automatically address them.

Full Service by Factory-trained Engineers

Aquip’s connection with Autronica goes back over two decades, and extends to the factory training of our installation and maintenance engineers. We also hold a large inventory of spare parts, and can therefore offer on-site repairs and servicing of vessels in all Australian ports.

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