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Flexim FLUXUS G809 Flow Meter

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Flexim FLUXUS G809 Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter for Operation in Hazardous Areas


The FLUXUS G809 is FLEXIM’s dual channel ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter for bi-directional flow measurement of gases in hazardous areas (ATEX, IECEx Zone 1 and FM Class I, Div. 1 / 2 approved).

With flameproof housing and corrosion resistant transducers residing inside the rugged VARIOFIX C mounting fixture, ensuring a permanent contact pressure and high mechanical stability, the FLUXUS G809 series is perfectly suited for demanding industrial applications.

The FLUXUS G809 gas flow meter allows for bi-directional gas flow measurement of actual and standard volume flows. As the transducers are mounted on the outside of the pipe wall, the system does not suffer from wear and tear or clogging, eliminates the risk of leaks and will not cause any pressure drops inside the pipe.

Due to its matched and paired transducers and the internal temperature compensation (compliant to ANSI/ASME), the measurement system is drift free and zero stable ensuring accurate readings.

Applications include

Chemical Industry

  • Hazardous organic and inorganic gaseous media
  • Process gases
  • Polymerisation processes
  • Infrastructural processes

Hydrocarbon Products Handling

  • Hydrocarbon products flow measurement
  • Pipeline integrity monitoring
  • Allocation terminals
  • LNG Terminals
  • Underground gas storage
  • Gas distribution and compressor stations

Gas Exploration and Processing

  • FWKO and separator outlets
  • Scrubbers and reboilers
  • Gas treatment
  • Compressor stations


  • Wide turn down ratio
  • Clamps onto the outside of the pipe
  • No need to cut into the pipe to install the meter making it highly cost efficient
  • Maintenance free – no need for continuous work in hazardous areas
  • completely seawater and sea spray-resistant
  • Excellent zero point stability and drift-free
  • Not prone to clogging or corrosion
  • A wide range of communications available allowing complete monitoring of processes as well as supervision an control of critical operations
  • Matched and paired transducers

Technical details:

  • Please download data sheet for more technical information