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F401- Portable Flow Meter for Water

Ultrasonic Portable Flow Meter for Water
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F401- Portable Flow Meter for Water

The FLUXUS F401 is a dedicated single channel portable flow meter for applications in the water and waste water sector.   It offers long term, stable and precise bidirectional flow measurements making it ideal for remote and outdoor areas.

Ultrasonic measurements allow for accuracy without the need to cut piping, interrupt supply or make contact with the water column.

The FLUXUS F401 is an ideal tool for service and maintenance work, for long or short term monitoring, data logging and existing meter verification.

Rugged Portable Flow Meter

The FLUXUS F401 is equipped with water-tight IP68 / NEMA 6P transducers.  The flow transmitter resides inside a convenient IP67 / NEMA 6 suitcase. Combining its internal battery capacity with an additional external battery suitcase (IP67 / NEMA 6 protected), the F401 offers long term remote measurements of at least one week.

Excellent for Leak Detection

The F401 portable ultrasonic flow meter is ideal for leak detection across water distribution networks.  Its matched transducer pairs and the sophisticated internal signal processing unit provides for a highly zero point stable system allowing it to recognise even the lowest flow rates.

Fit for Purpose

The F401 system can handle pipe sizes from 1 to 120 inches, solid contents of up to 6% by volume as well as old and rusty steel.   The F401 can even measure on badly manufactured GRP or armored concrete pipes (independent or lining and build-up inside the pipe).

The FLUXUS F401  is the superior companion for the daily work of water suppliers, hydrologist and engineering offices.

Common applications in the water and wastewater sector:

  • New plant construction
  • Retrofits on existing pipes
  • Replacement of Venturi’s with limited turn down
  • Replacement of mechanical meters with bearings
  • Replacement of magnetic inductive meters with mineral build-up
  • Distribution system monitoring and water balancing
  • Pump performance verification
  • Leak detection and water loss prevention
  • Flow control for chemical feed and demand
  • Sewage collection, treatment and re-use
  • Measuring system for emergency circuit control of valves
  • Flow direction indicator