The proper installation of roller- and ball-bearings is vital if they are to function satisfactorily, and their life is to meet expectations. Installing these bearings at the same temperature as their housing, using traditional mechanical means such as hammers and hydraulic presses places lateral loads on the races that they were not designed to bear, and risks damaging them.

PRUFTECHNIK’s EDDYTHERM range of bearing heaters work by subjecting the bearing to a coil-generated induction field. No physical contact takes place between the heater and the bearing, so the risk of damage is eliminated.

EDDYTHERM heaters come in three sizes, and will handle bearings of all sizes. The EDDYTHERM portable bearing heater handles bearings weighing up to 10kgs. It does not require a yoke, and gives one-man ease of operation. The EDDYTHERM X2 and X4 heaters handle bearings up to 80 kgs and 300kgs in weight respectively. Again, these heaters feature one man operation. The EDDYTHERM X4 features automatic bearing demagnetisation after each heating cycle.

Throughout the EDDYTHERM range, even heating is assured, and overheating avoided, by monitoring the temperature of the work piece and automatically adjusting power output.

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