Levalign Ultra iS – Flatness Measurement Tool

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Levalign Ultra iS – Flatness Measurement Tool

The Levalign Ultra add-on module for the Rotalign Ultra iS provides a powerful yet quick and easy method of measuring surface flatness, levelness and perpendicularity checks.

The Rotalign handset has a large colour screen and displays all relevant information including a coloured tolerance code for each measured point. The system provides an accuracy of 0.02 mm/m up to a diameter of 40m.

Paired with ALIGNMENT CENTER this Windows based software can measure an infinite number of points over large surfaces and compare surfaces on two different planes.

Precise Flatness Measurement Results


  • Flatness, levelness and perpendicularity checks
  • Pairs with Rotalign Ultra iS
  • Measures angles between surfaces
  • Wireless communication
  • Specialised reports


  • Machine foundations
  • Bed plates and tables
  • Machine surfaces
  • Circular & rectangular flanges
  • Crane slewing rings

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