Aquip maintains its commitment to the marine services industry through its distributorship of a wide range of high quality, robust and accurate instrumentation. For monitoring the condition of rotating material we carry PRÜFTECHNIK’S VIBXPERT II portable vibration data collector and signal analyser. For other parameters we distribute the Kongsberg range. This includes level sensors, temperature sensors and pressure transmitters.

Portable Vibration Data Collector

Fast, intuitive to operate and highly ergonomic, the PRUFTECHNIK VIBXPERT II portable vibration detector incorporates the latest signal analysis and data collection technology, linked to PRUFTECHNIK’s OMNITREND vibration analysis software.

Temperature Sensors

The Kongsberg product range includes temperature sensors using thermocouple, thermistor and Surface Acoustic Wave elements. They are suited to diesel engines and related maritime applications.

Pressure Transmitters

Based on a highly stable ceramic sensing element, Kongsberg’s range of pressure transmitters are resistant to most chemicals, making them suitable for marine, and many industrial applications.

Level Sensors

Aquip distributes the Kongsberg range of sensors for the detection of fluid levels in compartments, to alert operators to low levels, high/overfill levels and water ingress. Kongsberg is a world leader in its field, and ensures that its sensors meet all applicable classification requirements.

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