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Prodigy Infrastructure Monitoring System

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Prodigy Infrastructure Monitoring System

Infrastructure Monitoring System

As pipeline infrastructure ages, pipe deterioration monitoring and condition assessment becomes more and more important. Prodigy by Orbis is easily installed onto your existing pipework, and each Prodigy version features monitoring and alert patterns optimised for each system type. CAT M1 cellular connectivity ensures reliable data transmission via major carrier networks, with excellent penetration and throughput even when buried in underground chambers. Avoid costly bursts small or large,blockages, leaks,  and health hazards, ensure your pipeline infrastructure is working as efficiently as possible, and maintain water management plan compliance with Prodigy.

Benefits of monitoring pipe deterioration

  • Prevent costly property damage and work disruptions
  • Ensure water management program compliance
  • Reduce waste
  • Increase infrastructure efficiency
  • Preserve pipeline network assets
  • Plan for targeted infrastructure replacement/investments
  • Ensure health and safety

Product Features

    • Condition monitoring (pipe deterioration and internal blockage)
    • Acoustic and conductive leak detection
    • Flow events and volume monitoring
    • Live pressure transient and vibration measurement
    • Legionella condition monitoring
    • Temperature efficiency monitoring
    • Non-invasive bolt-on pipe product
    • Alert notifications and reports
    • And much more!