Rotalign Ultra iS – Bluetooth

Rotalign Ultra iS Laser shaft alignment
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Rotalign Ultra iS – Bluetooth

The Expert Solution for Laser Shaft Alignment

The Rotalign Ultra iS, the highly versatile laser shaft alignment system by Pruftechnik, will help to reduce machine downtime, increase machine efficiency, increase productivity, lower energy costs and therefore save money.

The 7-Axis measurement system is precise so repeatable results can be composed. Paired with Alignment Reliability Center you can create a professional report and store all your alignment files in a well organised database so no information is misplaced.

The SensALIGN sensors have inbuilt Bluetooth to ensure an easy alignment with no messy cables. The Rotalign Ultra iS is an expert device which can be upgraded to do geometric measurements such as flatness, levelness and bore alignment. It also includes a vibration probe to do vibration acceptance checks.  The ultimate All-in-one system for machinery maintenance.


  • Intuitive steps – Dimensions – Measure – Align
  • SensALIGN laser and sensor
  • Alignment for coupled and uncoupled Shafts (intelliPASS mode)
  • One-step machine corrections  (Live Move)
  • Extra-Large detector plane for extreme misalignment (InfiniRange)
  • Repeatable, reliable results (intelliSWEEP)
  • Vertical alignments
  • Live trend function
  • Multiple-machine trains
  • Modular system to include additional functions:
    • Vibration acceptance check
    • Live move
    • Bore alignment
    • Flatness measurements
    • Levelness measurements


  • Pumps and motors
  • Conveyor drives
  • Compressors
  • Gearboxes
  • Cardan and spacer shafts
  • Fans
  • Blowers

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