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SONOCHEK – Ultrasonic Condition Monitoring & Leak Detection

Wide band sound leak detection
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SONOCHEK – Ultrasonic Condition Monitoring & Leak Detection

Leak detection in any industrial air and gas pressure systems.

SONOCHEK provides the latest ultrasonic detection and measurement system for leak detection and  off-line condition monitoring of rotating machinery and electrical equipment.

PRUFTECHNIK has integrated the new third-generation technology with innovative hardware which allows the user to detect inaudible waves and frequencies in the air or in metal machine frames with its wide measurement bandwidth of 20kHz through to 100kHz.   Not only is this measurement range dramatically greater than previous technology (40KHz), but the digital processing ensures the entire range is measured simultaneously, ensuring Maintenance teams capture all relevant data.

SONOCHEK is entirely digital. It instantly converts all sound data into digital signals that can be heard, seen and saved in a report on the device. An integrated camera and microphone enable the engineer to comment on his findings and refine the final report.

Multi-featured for accurate and easy reporting

SONOLEAK–  detect and classify leaks on conductions, pipes and their connections using a patented algorithm to analyze and rate the amount of loss caused by the leakage.

SONOLEVEL – provides the all-in-one ultrasonic condition monitoring device, digitally recording and converting ultrasounds within 20-100 kHz.   It measures 6 different parameters, and provides spectrograph and converted audio feedback, making it the ultimate tool for recording and reporting findings in:

  • Leak Detection
  • Electrical Inspection
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Steam Trap Inspection