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Turtle Tough pH Sensor for Fertiliser

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Turtle Tough pH Sensor for Fertiliser

TT-Fert-pH pH Sensor for Fertiliser production

The TT-Fert-pH sensor for fertiliser production has been specifically designed for this process to resist the strong etching effects of this production process. The addition of hydro fluorosilicic acid creates a toxic environment for sensors and effective cleaning of the sensors requires the use of strong acid; otherwise sensor coatings and build-ups quickly prevail.

By utilising our unique High HF resistant glass we are able to achieve exceptional life, while making a sensor that is easy to clean (and keep clean) by utilising a harsh cleaning regime that you would not dare use with an ordinary pH sensor.

The RYTON body plastics combined with our advanced high capacity KYNAR reference are design for chemical resistance, including sulphides.

The 1” twist lock MNPT threaded connections allow for both immersion and submersion. With appropriate sealing onto an immersion rod, the sensor may also be fully submersed without the requirement of additional sealing.  Both body plastics and advanced reference system give this sensor an excellent operating range up to 105°C.

This sensor is ideal for any applications where process media containing free sulphide species such as hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S), hydrogen sulphide (HS) or sulphide ions (S2-). Any measurement where aggressive chemical cleaning is needed to remove fouling or low maintenance operation is required with minimal cleaning and recalibration.

  • 6m cable
  • High HF Resistance (Hydrofluoric Acid)
  • RYTON 1″ Twist lock
  • -5°C to 105°C
  • Quick insertion and removal twist lock fitting
  • Pressure resistance to 50 or 100 psi
  • Fast Response TC for calibration accuracy
  • Acid/Fluoride Resistant
  • Slurry & Sulphide Resistant
  • High Capacity KYNAR Reference
  • Proprietary toughened glass
  • Digital smart sensor technology (optional)
    • No hard wiring – plug-n-play connectivity
    • Sensor stores calibration data, analyser configuration and sensor history
    • Hot-swap for quick sensor change-out
    • No interaction with analyser – sensor data auto uploads