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Vibguard – Portable Online

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Vibguard – Portable Online

VIBGUARD Portable is the latest version of the online condition monitoring system for large systems.  This expert equipment has the ability for up to 20 analogue channels. VIBGUARD continuously protects the most complex assets. VIBGUARD can measures time signals, overall values, FFT spectra, shock pulse, orbits and much more on 20 parallel channels for almost all kinds of signal inputs.

Measurements are communicated seamlessly to process control systems via a Modbus interface. Intelligent data management tools allow for efficient data reduction. Advanced alarm handling tools like variable frequency band alarms and frequency band trending are available for monitoring specific machine failures like unbalance, misalignment, gear mesh and bearing failures.

VIBGUARD is also available as a portable version for effective high-end troubleshooting.

Due to its fast data processing VIBGUARD is suitable for monitoring of assets with short running cycles such as cranes, machining tools, presses etc. or for machines with highly dynamical processes such as testing stands, wind turbines and drag lines.


  • Portable condition monitoring machine
  • Suitable for industrial use
  • Lightweight, quick to install
  • IP 64 rated sturdy aluminium case
  • 20 synchronous measurement channels
  • Continuous data recording
  • Various configurations available
  • Optional industrial PC integrated
  • Sturdy aluminium case


  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Turbines
  • Conveyor drives
  • Engines
  • Suitable for equipment with rotating and moving parts