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VIBRONET – Online Condition Monitoring

Online Condition Monitoring
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VIBRONET – Online Condition Monitoring

VIBRONET Signalmaster and VibroWEB

Why choose an online condition monitoring system? The VIBRONETwill combat unplanned downtime as it provides a reliable alarm system and allows measurements of inaccessible measurement locations.

VIBRONET® Signalmaster is the ideal introductory solution for the online condition monitoring of standard aggregates such as motors, pumps,fans and simple gear transmissions. Pre-mounted in a robust switching cabinet, the system is designed for quick and easy commissioning,while being easily expandable.

VIBRONET – Online Condition Monitoring

This online condition monitoring equipment has the following features vibration data collection, bearing condition, temperature, variable speed, process parameters, FFT spectrum, envelope and tiem signal as well as:

  • Flexibility in measurement parameters – vibration (overall, FFT, enveloping and time signal – “time waveform”), temperature, speed, voltage, current, strain gauges etc
  • Intelligent ‘diagnosis robot’ for standalone alarm monitoring
  • Integral web server – allows user to monitor and analyse machines via standard internet browsers (‘Telediagnosis’)
  • Integral email server – setup automated email and SMS alerts based on alarms
  • ‘Plug and go’ user-friendly commissioning
  • Powerful software interfacing via Omnitrend
  • Intrinsic safety (option)

If the VIBRONET® Signalmaster is a system that would suit you please contact Aquip Systems today and talk to one of our condition monitoring experts.

The VibroNET Signalmaster & VibroWEB represent intelligent machine monitoring systems that can perform measurements, evaluation, archiving and alarm warning independently. Whether it is a dedicated 32 channel very-fast-multiplexer system or a flexible large scale monitoring system (up to 108 channels), PRFTECHNIK have an online solution for you.