Vibscanner – Vibration Data Collector

Vibration Data Collector
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Vibscanner – Vibration Data Collector

Vibration Data Collector –  For better maintenance

The PRUFTECHNIK VIBSCANNER is an portable vibration data collector and analyser for predictive maintenance. Its comprehensive measurement and analysis functions and the convenient joystick for navigation make this handy instrument ideal for everyday inspection routines. Totally compatible with the OMNITREND PC software, it has analysis and reporting functions which are made easy to understand and format. This will assist with preventing catastrophic machine failure, unplanned production downtime and consequential damage to process equipment.

Vibration Data Collector Features:

  • FFT – full spectrum frequency domain analysis
  • Balancing – 1-plane and sequential 2-plane balancing
  • Signal analysis – time signal (time waveform), phase measurements, recording and sequential orbits
  • smartSCANNER – incorporate all the capabilities of the smartALIGN laser shaft alignment system into your Vibscanner vibration data collector

The VIBSCANNER vibration data collector can connect to a VIBCODE accelerometer and OMNITREND PC software. An intrinsically safe version is also available. The VIBSCANNER system has been designed to simplify condition monitoring regimes whilst maintaining reliability in data collection and detailed analysis. This hand-held data collector builds on the features of the Vibrotip, allowing field device inputs (AC/DC/mA) and electronic ‘logsheet’ and visual inspection entries. Contact Aquip Systems today to see if the Scanner is a solution for you.

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