Water Cut Analysers

Water Cut Analyser
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Water Cut Analysers

The NUFLO Series 1000 Watercut Monitor is a solid state electronic instrument that determines the percent watercut in an oil emulsion without requiring the physical separation of the fluids.

The capacitance probe technique employed by the Watercut Monitor allows the emulsion stream to be continuously surveyed. The frequency generated by the capacitance probe oscillator is determined by the watercut of the emulsion stream in the probe.

The Watercut Monitor compensates for the non-linear relationship between frequency and watercut by strictly digital techniques. The result is a 4-20mA output signal which varies linearly with watercut. The 4-20mA output of the Watercut Monitor may be a completely floating signal because of the use of optoisolation circuitry.

This mode of operation requires the optional isolating power supply board or the use of two external power supplies. The Watercut Monitor may be operated with a single external power supply if a floating output signal is not required.