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Wireless IR Gas Detector – GS01

Wireless Gas Detector
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Wireless IR Gas Detector – GS01

The GasSecure GS01 detector is first choice for safety critical gas detection applications.

Principle of Operation

The GasSecure GS01 represents a totally new concept in hydrocarbon gas detection both offshore and onshore. Built into a compact stainless steel enclosure the entire device is intrinsically safe and designed for service in hazardous areas. The GS01 uses single-beam triple-wavelength infrared (IR) technology for fast gas detection with extremely low power consumption.

Thanks to this ultra-low power design, the small integrated battery pack enables two years of continuous operation. The GS01 also has life-long zero point stability so that it never needs to be calibrated in the field. Wireless communication is based on the open ISA100 Wireless™ standard simplifying integration with commercially available wireless access points. The GS01 creates value for the customer with dramatically reduced installation cost and time, reliable infrared operation, and the calibration-free design.

GasSecure offers the world’s first truly wireless IR gas detector for demanding industrial applications. The GS01 is used to detect the presence of flammable gases and warn operators of the risk of explosion. The GS01 is field proven to be a flexible and cost efficient solution for plant expansions, revamps, upgrades and new greenfield projects


  • True wireless, no cables – Significant cost and time savings as well as installation flexibility when compared to wired detector installation.
  • Lifetime calibration – No field calibrations required, which dramatically reduces maintenance costs.
  • Fail-safe IR detection with triple wavelength – No false alarms and includes heated optics.
  • Suitable for SIL 2 systems – 3rd party certification of detector and communication for safety applications.
  • Fast response – Providing early warning for increased plant safety.
  • Hazardous area intrinsically safe design – Low power, light weight gas detector with Ex-i field replaceable battery pack.


  • Oil & gas production platforms
  • Storage tank farms
  • Petrochemical plants & refineries
  • Gas terminals & processing plants
  • FPSO / FLNG vessels
  • Oil & gas exploration rigs