Optalign Smart RS5 – Bluetooth

Wireless Shaft Alignment
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Optalign Smart RS5 – Bluetooth

Optalign Smart RS5 – Wireless Shaft Alignment

The OPTALIGN Smart RS5 wireless shaft alignment tool is packed with powerful functions for the laser shaft alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange mounted machines. The system has been designed by PRÜFTECHNIK for industrial applications and can be used in simple laser shaft alignment jobs and under extreme working conditions. This wireless shaft alignment equipment is excellent for pumps, motors and most high speed machinery.

If the rotating machinery is aligned correctly it can assist to reduce wear and tear, vibration and can improve machine condition. The OPTALIGN smart RS5 uses a single laser and a 5-axis sensor. The sensor contains two fully-linearised bi-axial position detectors and a precision inclinometer. It can precisely measure relative shaft movement in five degrees of freedom. This measurement principle is the only one which allows ‘Live Move’ with concurrent monitoring of vertical and horizontal machine corrections with the sensor at any angular position.


  • Wireless Bluetooth communication
  • Sweep measurement mode
  • Live move function
  • Single laser technology
  • Softfoot check
  • File management
  • Data protection
  • Ability to do up to 3 machine trains
  • Horizontal and vertical equipment
  • Measure straightness (optional)
  • Softfoot assistant


  • Pumps
  • Motors
  • Gear boxes
  • High speed machinery
  • Cardan and spacer Shafts

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