Pruftechnik Laser Alignment and Condition Monitoring systems are designed to provide the user with accuracy, repeatability through advanced technology and intuitive operation.

Aquip Systems has been an agent for Pruftechnik in Australia for over 25 years, amounting extensive experience in all systems and applications, making us specialists in the areas of Condition Monitoring and Laser Alignment of rotating machinery.

We have a diverse client base (marine, mining, petroleum, power and processing) with which we work closely to provide technical advice, site-based alignment and vibration analysis services and training courses.

Our company’s strength and reputation is built on our flexibility and innovation, helping to solve complex machine problems and giving ‘ownership’ back to the customer in terms of how they manage and operate their maintenance programs.


As the inventors of laser shaft alignment, Pruftechnik equipment is unmatched in every technical class – ROTALIGN ultra iS, OPTALIGN and SHAFTALIGN

To ensure that owners and users of Pruftechnik equipment make best use of the technology, Aquip Systems promotes innovation and excellence through its training for equipment operation and best alignment practices. Our interest is ensuring the best alignment results are achieved in the least amount of moves!


Pruftechnik offer a range of systems, from extremely rugged and easy-to-use hand-held data collectors (offline monitoring) to a range of modular permanently mounted systems (online monitoring). Our engineers are duly qualified to help customers select and implement a suitable system to meet their needs and budget. Typically we may be involved with:

  • Machine Criticality Assessments and Plant Survey
  • Commissioning and Programming (including database development)
  • Vibration Analysis (on-site and remote)
  • In-situ Balancing

Whether providing ongoing condition monitoring services or assisting with the implementation of an in-house program, we establish a flexible support structure so that customers can choose to access support ‘as required’. Our customers can choose to take on more in-house or relinquish activities as suits at any given time. Ownership of the data remains with our customers!

This approach works extremely well with systems like the VIBXPERT II, VIBSCANNER, VIBGUARD VIBNODE and VIBROWEB.

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