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Constant-pressure-cylinder mixing station

The JISKOOT ShearMix constant-pressure-cylinder mixing station is designed to homogenise the contents of a constant pressure sample receiver at the sample collection line pressure to ensure analysis subsample representativity and retention of light ends.

The JISKOOT ShearMix station is designed for use with JISKOOT CPC constant-pressure-cylinder sample receivers or those from other vendors with suitable exchange fittings. Subsamples can be withdrawn from the system for analysis through an atmospheric valve or by using a pressurised syringe.

  • Sample homogenisation at process pressure – Ensuring representativity and minimal loss of light ends
  • Compatibility – With most constant pressure sample receivers
  • Ability to draw top and bottom samples – Validates the mixing process at any time
  • Quality – Sample homogenisation
  • Easy to use – Direct withdrawal of samples into a pressurised syringe or through a valve
  • Simplified – Easy flushing, drainage, cleaning, operation, repair and overhaul

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