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Gas and Flame Engineered Solutions

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Gas and Flame Engineered Solutions

Engineered solutions for any type of detection application.

Many industrial processes carry the risk of flammable, explosive or toxic leaks, or of all three. A further risk is the degradation of the environment through oxygen depletion. Detecting these threats is a vital function for these industries as insurers and regulatory authorities impose strict obligations upon operators, which can only be met with increasingly sophisticated detection equipment.

At Aquip we support the full range of gas and flame detection equipment from General Monitors, GasSecure and Autronica. Aquip have been involved in providing unique gas and flame engineered solutions to a range of different industries within Australia for over 25 years. This extensive experience allows our in-house engineering team to provide all aspects of design and commissioning for Greenfields and Brownfield projects. Our excellence in product support extends to maintaining a comprehensive range of system spare parts on the premises. Our Service Engineers are therefore perfectly suited to overcome any technical challenges that may arise, and can mobilise to your site on short notice.


  • Gas detection
  • Flame detection
  • Ultrasonic gas leak detection
  • Sampling systems
  • Controllers
  • Test and calibration equipment


  • LNG facilities
  • FLNG
  • FPSO
  • Buildings
  • HVAC
  • Car parks
  • Chemical factories

Our Gas & Flame Systems:


For years Autronica have been a preferred supplier of fire and gas safety systems in the petrochemical, oil and gas and Marine market throughout the world. Autronica make world class products, but believe that even the very best can get better. Appreciative of this, they continuously develop new products whilst providing safety to entire industries, where thousands of lives depend on them every single day and night.

 General Monitors

General Monitors design fire and gas systems with a modular, flexible approach to meet unique customer requirements for flame and gas detection. They employ the highest quality components in hardwired card-based systems, PLC-based systems or addressable systems networked via computer.

In today’s world of complex processes, General Monitors integrates its proven sensing technologies with the latest in control system equipment, computers and network communications technologies. The result is an exceptionally efficient and safe system that incorporates our highly reliable equipment.


GasSecure develop the world’s first wireless infrared hydrocarbon gas detector. The company was acquired by Dräger in 2015 and is now managed as an R&D centre for both wireless and innovative gas detection technologies.

Since launching the world’s first truly wireless optical gas detector for demanding industrial applications, they continue to provide future-oriented technology for wireless explosion protection in the oil & gas industry and in other industries. They are experts in MEMS-based low-power gas detection and safe wireless communication. GasSecure innovates and is always open to new ideas and ingenious approaches. They create value for our customers with detection solutions that increase safety and reduce overall project cost.

All GasSecure applications are about protecting life. Therefore, customers must be able to depend on the quality and reliability of their equipment at all times. High quality in design and performance is key to every product that they make.