Infrastructure Monitoring

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Real-time monitoring and data acquisition providing predictive assessments of pipeline infrastructure. Recommendations are provided prior to the onset of critical events.

Common causes of pipeline failure include:

• Corrosion – Internal & External
• High incidence of leakage
• Pressure surges
• Environmental factors
• Operational
• Third party damage
• Installation
• Material quality

Our Infrastructure monitoring solutions feature:

• No direct water content
• Battery powered
• GPS location
• Latest IoT technology
• Cloud based portal
• Flow measurement
• Rugged casing
• Ultrasonic transducers
• Standard meter option
• Automatically turns on
• Data sent every 15 minutes when unit is live
• Up to 3 year battery life (re-chargeable)
• 3 year warranty

These systems target the most pressing issues of:

• Network Security
• Aging Infrastructure: Non-Revenue Water (NRW), Leak Detection, Pipe Condition Monitoring and Capital Improvement Programs
• Billing: IoT flow meters
• Water misuse / theft

Benefits include:

• Water management program compliance
• Prevent property damage and work disruptions
• Reduction in waste
• Increase infrastructure efficiency
• Preserve pipeline assets
• Plan for infrastructure investments
• Ensure health and safety
• Cost savings