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We were approached by a Queensland coal mine to assist with the flow measurement of a mixture of coal fines.

In order to conduct accurate flow measurements, the team installed a portable high power Compuflow Doppler flowmeter.



Doppler Flow Meter on a Coal Slurry

Project Overview
  • We were approached to assist a coal mine in Central Queensland who required flow measurement of a mixture of coal fines and magnetite through chromium and steel, rubber lined pipes.
  • Due to the highly abrasive process slurry combined with highly corrosive chemicals a clamp on intrusive flowmeter was tested.
  • Process solids varied from 20% up to 50%.
  • During a flow survey conducted on the site, most of the existing slurry lines were measured within a few hours.
  • Outer Diameter: 100mm, 170mm, 200mm, 250mm.
  • Wall Thickness: 9-13mm.
  • Roughness: 0.1mm.
  • Pipe Material: Carbon Steel, Chromium.
  • Lining: 10mm Rubber Lining.
  • Medium: ORE Slurry.
  • Medium Temperature: 15-19C.
Project Challenges
  • The process slurry contained high concentration of magnetite.
  • Lack of suitable meters prevented proper process control on the plant.
  • The flow could not be stopped and the meter had to be installed on a “live” pipeline.
Project Results
  • The team installed a Portable Compuflow Ultrasonic Doppler-clamp on (strap on) flow meter without cutting the pipe.
  • The test site sensors were attached with simple strap for quick removal and simple re-installation.
  • The meter provided accurate flow data allowing management to justify purchase of fixed Doppler flowmeters.
  • Process engineers were able to control production and rely on accurate flow meter results.

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