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i2O dNet Data Logger

Accurate, reliable and affordable loggers delivering timely and valuable data

dNet enables you to place accurate, reliable and affordable i2O loggers at points of interest in your network, configure them and view and analyse data from your entire logger system. i2O’s loggers can be used to monitor pressure and flow at any point of interest in the network. dNet can also ingest data from your existing loggers and provide a unified view of your network. The device visualises data in ways that make it easier for engineers to identify anomalies whether they are threshold breaches or patterns of abnormal performance.

Alarm thresholds can be individually set for each flow and pressure channel. Alarms trigger the following actions including: sending an SMS and/or an email containing alarm details and dial up with increased regularity.

  • Superior precision – Swiss made transducers result in outstanding precision and do not require recalibration during the device’s lifetime
  • Hassle free – Hot swapping in the field for battery and SIM, non-volatile data storage up to a year which results in no loss of data from power interruptions, high performance internal antenna, convertible to external antenna in the field to aid poor mobile network reception
  • Robust – Operating temperatures between -20°C and 60°C and 85% humidity, 1.2m impact on concrete, IP68 certified
  • High performance – More than five years battery life from internal battery

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