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fixed clamp on ultrasonic

Fixed Doppler Ultrasonic Flowmeter

High-Precision Flow Meter

The Compu-Flow C6 Fixed Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter is ideal for high-solid fluid flow measurement applications. It measures flow velocity by sensing signals from reflective materials within the liquid and calculates frequency shift due to motion. With its linear output signal, it provides high accuracy and is not affected by changes of viscosity, temperature, pressure, specific gravity, sound velocity or electrical conductivity.

  • Easy Installation – Quick set-up, user-friendly
  • Simple to use – No pipe section or spool piece  required to install meter
  • Quality – Meter not affected by changes in temperature, viscosity, specific gravity, or the speed of sound within the liquid
  • Liquid – Does not have to be electronically conductive
  • Convenient – AC or DC operation, solar or battery power
  • Non- invasive – Submersible, clamp-on transducers 
  • Signal cable lengths – Up to 1500 m (5000 ft)
  • High accuracy – Even in turbulent flows 

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