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fixed clamp on ultrasonic

FLUXUS WD Meter Series

The ideal solution for applications in the Water industry

By utilising the clamp-on technology, the WD Series does not affect the reliability of the pipe. This allows for a straightforward and cost-effective installation of flow measurement points within an existing water supply network.

Measuring flow rates as low as 0.01 m/s, the FLUXUS WD Series is a part of the most dependable and precise non-invasive ultrasonic flow metering systems. The inaccuracy of other meter technologies, such as magnetic meters, can increase so much in the low flow range, that they are unfitting for monitoring minimum night flows. For water suppliers, the accurate monitoring of minimum night flows is a vital part of their leakage detection activities, making the WD Series an ideal tool for this task.

The WD Series has the strongest mounting system on the market. The transducers are fixed to the pipe with broad stainless steel straps and secured in robust stainless steel housings. The transducers themselves have IP68 protection and reinforced transducer cables. The transducers are bound with permanent coupling pads, instead of coupling gel that can weaken or be washed away. This ensures the resilience of the system and makes it appropriate for both installations in chambers and buried installations.

  • Clamps on to the outside of the pipe – No need to cut into the pipe to install the meter
  • Works on difficult pipes – Larger in size, concrete lined, buried pipes
  • Cost-effective – Very low installation costs & zero pipe interference
  • No zero-calibration needed – Permanently drift-free
  • Extremely accurate – Down to flow velocities as low as 0.01 m/s
  • Durable – Reliable & accurate data, built to last
  • Convenient – Transducers can be permanently buried, permanent coupling pads

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