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FGM 160 Flare Gas Meter

Delivering highly accurate results in flaring applications

The Fluenta FGM 160’s combination of two signals improves the precision and stability of the meter readings, preventing signal loss at high and low velocities. 

The accuracy and reliability of this unique signal processing technology has been verified by CEESI and VSL. Achieving excellent performance in a broad spectrum of flare gas applications, the Fluenta FGM 160 Flare Gas Meter is the measurement solution of choice for many major companies in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industry. 

Unlike other technologies, ultrasonic measurement is not impacted by the composition or cleanliness of the gas flow. It delivers good repeatability regardless of turndown ratio or temperature ranges.

Ultrasonic meters are the only devices which can deliver highly accurate results in flaring applications. While typical regulations today ask for 5% accuracy, only ultrasonic technology has the potential to keep up with stricter requirements.

  • No conditioning plates or other pipework inserts are required – Transducers require 10 pipe diameters of tubing & 5 diameters downstream
  • Transducers require minimal maintenance – No moving parts
  • Easy, compact, flexible installation and positioning – Field computer can be mounted up to 50 meters from the transducers
  • Non-intrusive measurement – Less prone to build-up of dirt & corrosion
  • Shut downs not required – Time-efficient for installation or maintenance

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