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Fluenta FlarePhase Transducers

Setting the standard for flare gas measurement in challenging applications

Fluenta’s FlarePhase™ transducer range measures flare gas accurately and reliably in extreme conditions. 

  • Fluenta FlarePhase™ 350 – Uniquely designed for the most challenging applications including low gas densities and extreme temperatures. 
  • Fluenta FlarePhase™ 250 – Ideal for petrochemical industries, optimised for high temperatures and high levels of hydrogen & CO2. 
  • Fluenta FlarePhase™ CRYO – Ideal for the LNG industry, provides accurate measurement at very low temperatures and with difficult gas conditions.

Fluenta’s FlarePhase™ transducers ensure flare gas flow measurement is possible in difficult installations by using narrowband transmit and sensing. Fluenta’s advanced technology removes the industry-wide issue of phase shift difficulties normally associated with narrowband technology.

  • Highest temperature capabilities on the market – Measurement up to 350°C & down to -200°C
  • Difficult Gas Compositions – Transducers accurately measure in high levels of H2, CO2, CH4 or a combination across the full pipe diameter
  • Temperature Extremes – Range helps accurately measure flare gas, regardless of the temperature
  • Large pipe diameters – 6” to 100” as standard, other pipe sizes application dependent
  • Accuracies Beyond Regulations – Installations are available with a range of accuracies better than ±0.75% , depending on individual requirements
  • Non-Intrusive Measurement – Less prone to build-up of dirt & corrosion

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