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gas clamp on ultrasonic


The most precise clamp-on meter in the market

The FLUXUS F736 combines high precision with the advantages of noninvasive ultrasonic flow measurement.

With its four beams, in reflect mode providing eight paths through the fluid, the meter averages the result of up to four planes. This arrangement averages-out cross-flow and achieves the optimum compensation for disturbed flow profiles. On longer straight runs, the 4-beam meter achieves outstanding accuracy performance due to the realtime synchronised averaged path effects and can thus be used for control and redundancy measurements of custody transfer meters, or for usage in protective systems for leak detection.

  • Highly economical – No line shut-down, welding, pipe cutting or heavy equipment necessary for installation.
  • Complete plant availability – The non-invasive measurement technology does not require any process shut-downs – neither for installation, nor for any potential maintenance efforts.
  • Extremely low maintenance – Virtually zero maintenance due to use of solid coupling pads instead of high maintenance gels.
  • Safety – This does not add any leakage risk. It also does not require any flanges or gaskets. This eliminates the risk of undetected methane leaks in the installation.

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