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Coriolis Meters

The highest performance for accuracy and repeatability

Furnished with a refined transmitter (including extensive diagnostics, a large display and field configurability via keypad), the Cameron CT Series are high-performance Coriolis flow meters capable of mass flow measurement with a high degree of precision. They also feature a non-routine flow rate measurement, including measurement of extra low-volume flows and short-duration filling processes. 

Functioning on their own, they are able measure fluids with an extreme range of viscosities, densities, temperatures, chemical compositions and rates of flow. When connected to a Scanner 3000 series flow computer the pair can provide watercut determination, accounting records and performance enhancements.

  • High quality – Outstanding zero stability performance
  • High-accuracy density – ±0.0005 g/mL (Models CC003 to CC250)
  • Time-saving – Fast response and calculation frequency
  • Versatile – Dual independent pulse outputs, dual independent analog outputs, one status input and one status output
  • Easy to use – Configurable via keypad or digital communications
  • Extensive self-diagnostic capabilities – Connection faults, pipeline vibration, media pulsation, etc.)
  • Enhanced maintenance functions – Event/user change logging and downloads, recoverable factory configuration and calibration, etc.)
  • Safe – User-configurable alarms
  • Compatibly – HART and Modbus communication protocols

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