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Digital Fuel Meter

The cost-effective digital fuel meter solution

The GPI Digital Fuel Meter offers a low-cost, reliable and effective flow meter for use with diesel fuels, diesel products and kerosene. The battery powered electronic display on the 01A Flow Meters is factory calibrated to display readings in gallons and litres, providing total readouts with both cumulative and resettable batch transfer read outs. 
The Digital Fuel Meter is a lightweight, accurate, repeatable and reliable turbine meter with rugged aluminium housing and sealed electronic circuitry. With included batteries offering a life of approximately five years, the GPI 01A Series fuel meters offer quick installation and easy in-field replacement of the two AAA batteries when required.

  • Battery operated – With on-board display 
  • Long-lasting – Battery life of approx. 5 years 
  • Highly accurate – With field or factory calibration 
  • Simple to use – Plug and play 
  • Versatile – Works well on any pump or gravity feed system 
  • Cost-effective – Off the shelf solution 

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