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DP Series Insertion Flow Meters

For flow measurement in large pipes

The FLOMEC® DP Series insertion meters use a paddlewheel design to measure the flow of water, fuels and other low viscosity liquids in pipe sizes 1.5” – 100” (10 – 2500 mm). 
With a simple and reliable design, as well as different options for outputs, displays and hazardous area ratings, they provide a great alternative to full-bore flow meters in many applications. 

  • Extraordinary measurement accuracy – With limited investment
  • Near zero pressure drop – Reduces pumping costs
  • Versatile design – Suited for a huge variety of pipe sizes
  • Suitable for ‘hot tap’ installations – Allows installation/withdrawal of the product in a full pipe
  • Only one moving part – Reliable with minimal maintenance costs
  • IP68 submersible design – Can install it anywhere
  • IECEx/ATEX models available – Safe to use in flammable liquid applications

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