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FM-300 Chemical Meter

Designed for use with most herbicides

The GPI FM-300 Series Chemical Flow Meter is the most accurate and versatile agricultural chemical meter on the market, with factory calibration to handle a vast viscosity range from thin to medium fluids, including oils. Additional integrated features allow in-field calibration for higher viscosity fluids.

This nutating disc meter is constructed of durable PBT Polyester and comes with an electronic display providing both batch and cumulative totals. The meter can be mounted in-line or on the end of a hose or pipe. 

  • Battery operated – With on-board display 
  • Long-lasting – Battery life of approx. 5 years
  • Highly accurate – With field or factory calibration 
  • Simple to use – Plug and play 
  • Versatile – Able to measure both batch and cumulative totals as well as flow rate 
  • Cost-effective – Off the shelf solution 

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