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NUFLO 1502 WECO Union Liquid Turbine Flow Meter 

Maintaining operational and measurement integrity

The NUFLO™ 1502 WECO® union liquid turbine flow meter incorporates a tungsten-carbide shaft and bearings to withstand the rugged conditions of the oilfield environment. Over the years, this flow meter has earned a reputation for withstanding severe punishment while maintaining operational and measurement integrity. WECO union turbine flow meters indicate flow rate and measure total throughput of a liquid line. 

Optional rotor configurations and/or finishes allow erosive or corrosive fluids such as mud or cement slurries and acids. The meter should be flushed with clean water following the use of any erosive or corrosive fluids.

  • Rugged – Withstands continual rig up/down  
  • Accurate – Repeatable measurement  
  • Economical solution – For turbine flow meter applications  
  • WECO union – For quick installation  
  • Easy to use – Minimum maintenance  
  • Long service life – Even in severe applications 

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