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portable clamp on ultrasonic

Portable Doppler Ultrasonic Flowmeter

Accurate and easy-to-use measuring system

The Compu-Flow Portable Doppler Ultrasonic Flow Meter provides an accurate and easy-to-use measuring system for high-solid fluid flow through pipes 0.50 inch to 999 inches (inside diameter). The Doppler flow meter is well suited for flow measurement applications such as sludges, slurries, aerated liquids, sewage, dredges, pulp, plastics and activated sludges. 
The meter measures flow velocity by sensing signals from reflective materials within a liquid flowing in the pipe. An example of this Doppler Effect is similar to a train whistle – increasing in pitch as the train approaches and decreasing in pitch as the train moves away. To the person riding on the train the pitch remains the same. The increasing pitch is due to phase-front compression and the decreasing pitch is due to phase-front expansion. The flow meter uses this effect to measure the velocity of a liquid through a pipe wall. 

  • User-friendly – Easy, non-invasive setup & installation
  • Out-performs competition – In accuracy & reliability 
  • Multi-industry – Particulate flow measurement solution 
  • Quality – Smart-LED Visual Flow Indicators 
  • Utilises Smart-Flow Technology – Proprietary to Advanced Flo 
  • Time-saving – No pipe section or spool piece is required to install the meter 
  • Robust – Meter not affected by changes in temperature, viscosity, specific gravity, or speed of sound within liquid
  • Liquid – Does not have to be electronically conductive
  • Convenient – AC or DC operation, solar or battery power
  • Non- invasive – Submersible, clamp-on transducers 
  • High accuracy – Even in turbulent flows 
  • Wall mounted – For fixed installation or a portable 

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