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Accurate, robust and extremely versatile

MULTICAL® 303 provides data needed for precise consumption billing and optimising the energy efficiency of buildings and distribution networks.

For further convenience, MULTICAL® 303 has been designed for remote reading. This allows you to always have the necessary data available, without spending time on data collection, therefore minimising interruptions. 

The compact MULTICAL® 303 is especially applicable for use in apartment buildings due to its small size and extreme versatility when it comes to installation. Position, energy unit and much more can be configured on-site by means of a one-button system without any need for special tools or equipment.

  • Temperature range – Inlet and outlet temperatures are measured by means of Kamstrup’s TemperatureSensor 63, a 2-wire Pt500 sensor with cable lengths from 1.5…3 m
  • Ultrasonic precision – Meter has a total dynamic range of up to 1500:1 from saturation to start-up, an approved dynamic range of 250:1 (qp:qi) and a nominal flow from qp 0.6 to 2.5 m3/h
  • Communication & remote reading – Improved remote reading with customised datagrams and increased transmission power of 25 mW
  • Integrated & programmable data logger – Can deliver yearly, monthly, daily, hourly and minute values
  • Battery lifetime – Fitted with A cell batteries with a lifetime of up to 16 years on two batteries (up to 10 years on one)

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