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The robust, high end energy calculator  to meet all challenges

MULTICAL® 803 for heating and cooling is an all-in-one solution that meets the high requirements for advanced industrial and commercial measurement. This unit provides an accurate, stable energy calculator with long life and multiple communication and remote reading functions. 
The energy calculator can be read remotely using a wide variety of communication protocols. With the possibility to utilise up to four of Kamstrup’s generation 3 modules, the MULTICAL® 803 provides more flexibility and versatility than ever before. In addition, the meter is IP65-approved and resistant to dust and moisture, reducing the negative impact from harsh environments and in return, opening up for an even wider range of possible applications. 

  • Precise measuring – Of heat and cooling for flows up to 30,000 m³/h
  • Remote reading – With four communication channels
  • Convenient – Four analogue outputs

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