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The preferred choice for cooling  and heat installations

The Kamstrup ULTRAFLOW® 44 is primarily used as a volume flow sensor and has been designed for heating applications where water is the heat-bearing medium. The prime area of application is as a volume heat flow sensor for use with thermal heat meters such as MULTICAL® 603 and 803. Made of brass or stainless steel, the heat flow sensors are hard wearing and do not have any moving parts guaranteeing a long-life time. 
The ULTRAFLOW® 44 sensors employ micro-processor technology and ultrasonic measuring techniques. The volume is measured using a bi-directional ultrasonic technique based on transit time. All circuits for calculating and measuring are collected on a single board, providing compact and rational design in addition to an exceptionally high level of measuring accuracy and reliability. 

  • Longevity – Heat flow sensors are hard wearing and do not have any moving parts
  • Quality – High level of measuring accuracy and reliability
  • Unique design – High accuracy with minimised loss of pressure and a high level of resistance to turbulence
  • Versatile – Does not require straight pipe lengths, upstream or downstream

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