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Smoke Detectors

For detection of combustion gases

Autronica smoke detectors have a built-in thermistor and are designed for use with Autronica’s interactive fire detection systems, which can provide temperature information from the detector point.

Autronica smoke detectors have an optical chamber with a light source that is reflected towards a light sensitive receiver. In the event of smoke supply, light reflection will increase and the detector will go into alarm.

The SelfVerify function ensures the highest grade of reliability as all units comprising this function are tested with a calibrated test once every 24 hours. Additional coating of PCB combined with the adaptivity of the smoke detectors makes this range suitable for “rough area” applications.

Three main series are available:

  • BHH-200: Standard
  • BHH-300: With SelfVerify
  • BHH-500: With SelfVerify, environmentally protected
  • Interactive – Ensures fast response to various fire developments
  • Versatile – Different sensitivity settings possible
  • Easy to use – DYFI+ adaptive and self-learning function
  • SelfVerify functions – Reduced maintenance/testing and increased reliability
  • Additional PCB coating – Ideal in humid environments
  • Safe – Detection of visible smoke and built-in thermistor for reading of temperature at the detector point
  • Convenient – Short circuit isolator in each detector, built-in alarm indicator (LED) and automatic addressing

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