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Observer® i Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector

Ideal for use in complex pipeline systems 

The GASSONIC OBSERVER-i is the world’s first ultrasonic gas leak detector equipped with Artificial Neural Network (ANN) real-time broadband acoustic sound processing technology.

The GASSONIC OBSERVER-i makes it possible to fully analyse the sound spectrum as low as 12 kHz since common high pass filters are not used. This provides a broader leak detection range which also increases sensitivity to smaller gas leaks, without interference from unwanted background noise.

ANN technology enables the GASSONIC OBSERVER-i to be installed without time consuming training sequences and provides industry-leading detection distance, with unprecedented suppression of false alarms. ANN technology also ensures that the GASSONIC OBSERVER-i has the same gas leak detection coverage in high and low noise areas. The device requires no alarm set points or trigger levels to be configured. The alarm parameters also do not need to be adjusted if background ultrasound were to increase or decrease over time.

  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN) – Improved detection range and background noise rejection prevents false alarms
  • Senssonic™ integrated acoustic self-test – Failsafe operation
  • One-person acoustic sound-check with traceable portable test unit – High reliability and trouble-free maintenance
  • HART and Modbus – Provides complete status and control capability in the control room
  • Event logging – Stores fault, sound check, calibration, and alarm event history
  • Detects gas leaks from 2 BAR (29 psi) pressure – Very small gas leaks can be detected quickly

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